Look dressed up...even when you're dressed down.

Hanky Holder was created to solve the problems that arise while wearing a pocket square / hanky. Usually the pocket square rises out of your pocket, sinks into your pocket, or your unique fold becomes unraveled while being worn. The pocket square allows you to jazz up your tuxedo, suit or sport coat with a splash of color allowing you to enhance your formal, business, upscale casual or leisure attire. Rufus’ style has been greatly influenced by his mother (educator an impeccable dresser) and his father (jazz musician / music educator and dapper dresser). His personal struggled with his inability to control his pocket square, lead him to create the Hanky Holder. The Hanky Holder was created and awarded a patent (D659,999) from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  

Rufus Curry, Jr. is a career military officer and educator who understands the power that comes with being well-dressed. As a career US Army officer, professional educator and a professional public speaker, he knows that there are challenges that come with the task of dressing well. In a Formal, Upscale Casual, or a Business environment, the Hanky Holder empowers you to wear a pocket square / hanky confidently so you can focus on the business of your work or play. Click here for the Hanky Holder tutorial videos.